Where to Travel: Killarney, Ireland

What makes a perfect vacation? Is it beautiful scenery, different and interesting experiences, a variety of things to do, or just the simple beauty that comes with leaving home and discovering something different? Although this answer likely varies quite a bit depending on the person, there just seem to be a few vacation destinations that are designed to please any and all who choose to make the adventure. One such location is known as Killarney, Ireland. Although many have likely dreamed of traveling to Ireland, there are also many questions that usually come about when a trip includes leaving the country. However, even though it may not be the traditional vacation of beaches and ocean waves, there is so much to enjoy in Killarney that one will wonder if sand and water could even compare. I even took some water home with me, by using the best travel mug I purchased earlier on.

From the start, Killarney is just a simply beautiful location. Although all of Ireland is pretty and historic, Killarney may very well be one of the nicest and most picturesque locations to travel too. To enjoy all of this beauty, there are a variety of activities that one can take part in. For those who like doing things themselves, there are a variety of trails and self guided hiking expeditions up and around the surrounding mountains and valleys, and there is so much to explore that one will likely not be able to take it all in during one vacation. However, for those who may not be so thrilled about the possibility of wandering about by themselves, there are also many guided tours and expeditions. And, if one likes to explore, but may not feel like going for a hike or walk, there are bus and horse drawn tours through the local regions and some that even go up some of the surrounding mountain pathways. No matter what way that one chooses to enjoy the scenery, one of the best parts about a vacation to Killarney is not only the chance to enjoy so much beauty, but having so many ways in which to experience it.

One of the highlights of Killarney, though, and something that should be experienced by almost every traveler is the Muckross Gardens. Spanning an incredibly distance, and with almost unlimited space for exploration and enjoyment, the gardens are a beautiful sight to behold, and have been the main attraction for visitors for a long time. Another highlight are the beautiful lakes that surround the town. Try taking a boat out, or simply having a picnic lunch one of the picturesque shorelines. It is truly an experience beyond compare.

However, dragging oneself out of the lodging may be a bit more difficult than expected. Although there are a few small motels lingering about, one of the best ways to travel and stay in Killarney is to rent out a house or cottage for the time while your there. It may be more expensive than traditional hotel lodging, but it is worth it in every way. Imagine your very own cottage home to come back to everyday, fireplace roaring, brick and earthy accents, and almost everything that could make one feel at home. There really is no bad place to stay in Killarney, and no matter what one chooses for their lodging, they are bound to be happy and satisfied.

Another very enjoyable experience about Killarney is the food. Yes, there are some fast food and Americanized restaurants milling about in the town, but for those who truly enjoy food, and want to experience something different, there is nothing better then seeking out a traditional Irish pub or restaurant, and enjoying the delicious and expertly prepared food.

For those who enjoy going out at night, there are a variety of entertainment centers and bars for one to enjoy. There is almost always something to do at night, and there sometimes seems to be no limit to the way that one can spend an evening out.

Although Killarney, or even Ireland, may not be the first thing that pops into mind when one thinks about a vacation abroad, one trip is enough to keep many coming back year after year, and Killarney may very well be one of the best locations in Ireland. From the food, to the lodging, to the beauty and natural wonder, there is almost nothing not to like about Killarney.

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