Urbane Men Straight Razor Shavette Review

Razor blades are one of the classic tools, dating back to a number of years since shaving became a trend. Many want a clean, decent look as they go to their office or out with their friends, thanks to the one constant tool that keeps delivering – the razor blade. But the one problem with the widely used tool is that the style and design stay constant. So we introduce a new appealing design of the standard razor blade, manufactured by Urbane Men – a product with an urban touch to the standard razor.


The Urbane Men straight razor comes with a standard wooden handle that looks both natural and urban, giving a decent look and a good grip that makes shaving easier. However, this is only the standard variation you can get it in as the product comes in four more variations, with materials of plastic, wood and metal on the handles and generating different effects.


The quality of the product is trustworthy and reliable. It is appealing to feel and use, making it durable for use in domestic settings. No matter what variation you may buy it in, the product will provide you with good quality components with a comfortable grip and great feel. That said, many customers have complained about the quality, which will be discussed later on in this article.


Urbane Men Straight Razor ShavetteIt comes in a stylish black box, which makes it easy to keep safe and makes it a good option for a gift. The looks of the razor alone are very appealing. Adding to that, the product features a free pack of blades that can be used over a number of uses.


The razor ensures satisfying results and can be used at home with almost no problems at all, but where it lacks is the ability to provide in a professional setting over an extended number of uses.

  • Urban design that sets it apart from other razor blades.
  • Comes in a stylish black box.
  • Gives the option of five variations for the handle.
  • Comes with a free pack of blades.

  • The quality of the product is not guaranteed, so no matter what variation you buy it in, the razor handle will wear off in time.
  • Not suited for professional use.

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