My Interesting Story Of Attending A London SEO Conference

I travel around alot. This year I went to a SEO conference in London. In my opinion it was theĀ Best SEO events london. I was allowed to explore the backstage and speak to many of the famous names that were attending.

During the conference I was sitting next to Charles Floate a very well known SEO guru from London. seo conferenceI spoke to him about how to optimize my site and make it stand out from all of my friends and competitors. He gave me a very useful tip that I will forever stand by. Making sure my content is amazing is key! He told me how Google was very dependant on my content being amazing to be able to rank me high up and that if I don’t make my content readable and engaging to my audience then my chances of ranking high up will be very low.

I also had a chance to speak to some guys currently living in Thailand but visiting London for the SEO conference. london seo conferenceThey had a big group of friends that I was able to meet, and they were able to share some secret tips on how SEO works and how attending this London conference was such a good idea for me, as I would meet so many people.

Alongside all of this I was listening to the speakers who said that making sure my theme and site load speeds are of a good standard will help me with Google and Bing ranking, therefore I decided to change my theme on this site so I hope all of you understand my reasoning. This new theme increases my site load speed by 30% and gives me a much better ranking than before.

If you are ever debating in the future in whether you should go to a conference or not, I highly recommend you do, especially if it’s a SEO one.

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