PolyNetwork AI ICO Review – Is PolyNetwork A Scam?

PolyNetwork is a brand new AI based lending platform being released on November 20th 2017. The ICO has started on Nov 1st, and will be running until the 20th.

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PolyNetwork Review

PolyNetwork is looking to bring AI to the lending scene. By using artificial inteligence to predict markets and use users money that has been lent, they are able to produce returns for people looking to grow their financial net worth. For those of you that are thinking is this some kind of scheme or scam, with people commonly asking me PolyNetwork Scam? Polynetwork Ponzi? PolyNetwork Pyramid Scheme? I can tell you that you it’s not and you will be fine with this platform.

By using this new and exciting form of studying patterns and statistics with clever self managing machines, PolyNetwork is able to outperform any individual person/investment group that are currently trading crypto currencies.

PolyNetwork has listed that some of their partners investing into them will be: Microsoft, Google, IBM and Facebook, although I doubt this is fully true, this may be a sales tactic to help build trust with their network. Polynetwork AII’ve seen this a few times from these new lending platforms and often times this is just used as marketing. I have nothing against it as it will attract new investors and PolyNetwork will continue to grow and payout dividends to new people.

Although I haven’t seen evidence of them being invested in or featured by any of the above sites, I did see articles posted on Bitcoin.com, Cryptocoinsnews and pressat – all being respected websites and require either high status or high levels of funding to have articles posted there.

PolyNetwork ICO

As stated before the ICO is looking to begin on November 1st. The first stage of the ICO will offer 500,000 coins. All of these will be priced at $1. After the first stage is complete, there will be a 2nd, 3rd and final 4th stage. During which the coin supply will increase to 1 million, 1.5 million and then 2 million by November 15th. At every stage the price will increase gradually, from $1 to $1.2, $1.4 and then $1.6.

The PolyNetwork ICO will conclude on November 20th assuming all the coins are sold. Currently the demand is so high that accessing the website during the ICO period is almost impossible and coins are almost always sold out within a few minutes.

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PolyNetwork Roadmap

The PolyNetwork is looking to get a fast development underway. Although their ICO may be finishing later than some others such as GoldReward and EthConnect we still expect the development to be on time and if not slightly quicker than advertised.

The ICO phase 1 will conclude on the 20th of this month. After which phase 2 will be initiated. During the second phase PolyNetwork is looking to get listed onto exchanges and have their lending platform started. They also include a price prediction of: $5 at this time. This would be a 5x gain on your coin if you bought during the first round of ICO. Even if you got it during the last initial coin offering phase, you would still be up nearly 300% on your money.

During December 2017, they are looking to be listed onto CMC (CoinMarketCap) and have a predicted price of $10 per coin. This would be a 1000% gain on a first phase ICO investor.

At the early stages of 2018 they are looking to get their trading bot active, with a BTC/USD pair, and look to be developing more automatic robots. They will also hold events through to early February and look to expand their growth with some heavy marketing. You can find the PolyNetwork reddit here where they discuss future developments and progress.

My pricing predictions for PolyNetwork

Current ICO price: $1.20

Expected price in 3 months: $31

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PolyNetwork Bonus

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