MartCoin ICO Review – Is Mart Coin A Scam?

MartCoin has come onto the market and I’ve spent the last few days reviewing the website, whitepaper, back office, roadmap and Martcoin ICO to get a firm understanding of the platform and what they plan to offer to users in this cryptocurrency revolution.

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MartCoin Review

When it comes to design and look of the website and back-office of the platform, I have to say that Mart Coin looks to be the best looking and most well-designed platform I’ve come across, with competitors such as UCoinCash coming close.

I had some time to mess with the back office and all the pages load smoothly and work perfectly. Features such as the exchange have a coming soon notice, however you can deposit and withdraw Ethereum from your wallet. You can use that Ethereum to purchase the ICO when it opens.

Basic features such as 2FA (2-factor-authentication) are enabled for the platform. This looks to be very promising and I am always happy when I see security features enabled, it shows that the creators and developers care about their users accounts and safety.

MartCoin ICO

The Mart Coin ICO (initial coin offering) will be starting on December 8th at 12:00AM UTC. In total there will be close to 6Million coins sold. Prices range from the cheapest at $0.50 to the later stages in which the prices will reach $1.25.

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We highly recommend that you try to invest at an earlier stage rather than a later, but we all know how these ICOs sell out in very quick time period. If we look at other successful platforms such as DavorCoin and the GoldReward lending platform, you can see that the ICO rounds sold out in just minutes. For DavorCoin no round lasted longer than 1 minute. Make sure you have your refresh buttons ready and your Ethereum deposited, it really takes a strong drive and level of persistence to get into these coins at ICO prices.

Martcoin ICO

The hype factor is very important to make an ICO profitable. We’ve found the hype factor on MartCoin to be a 9.3/10. This has been one of the highest hyped ICOs and we think we know why. When we begin reviewing and going into detail on the lending side of the platform below, you’ll understand why there is so much hype going on this platform.

MartCoin Lending Platform

So, as I said above the lending aspect of MartCoin is truly revolutionary and amazing in my opinion. We’ve all seen the “gambling” sections of games such as CS GO (Counter Strike Global Offensive) being extremely popular, well Mart Coin is hoping to bring this game of chance to the lending platform.

Users can spin a wheel and win 3 different packages. Either a Gold, Platinum or Diamond. Depending on the type you land on, you will receive different interest rates per day. Gold being the lowest interest rate gives you 1% per day. Platinum provides 3% per day and then Diamond being the crazy and probably very unlikely package to win gives you 67% PER DAY. Yes, you’ve heard correctly, 67% interest each day for the entire time your money is in lending. You can 20x your money in just 1 month with this package, although we expect the chance of winning this option will be relatively low in comparison to Gold and Platinum.

MartCoin Bonus

The gambling industry is rapidly growing. The multi-billion-dollar market is expanding daily and we can only see the gambling world to continue to grow into the future. Gambling in crypto currency is common, however no coins dedicated to gambling have been created. MartCoin is the first coin that aims to tackle this, whilst attaching itself to an exciting lending platform. The lending rates in MartCoin are some of the highest and most competitive we’ve seen, and on top of this users are going to be spinning that wheel daily hoping to win their chance at getting 67% interest and make life changing money.

MartCoin Roadmap

Towards the end of 2017 we will see the following completed:

  • Start Token Sale.
  • Launch the internal trading exchange.
  • Launch the Spinning program.
  • Release a mobile wallet.
  • Mining with Mobile.

Throughout 2018 you will see the following completed:

  • Listed on CoinExchange, Yobit, Coinmarketcap.
  • Complete global online football betting website and mobile application.
  • Upgrade and add 20 kinds of online betting for the platform.
  • Marketing in over 100 countries
  • Deploying marketing in all countries around the world.
  • The total value of betting transactions using MartCoin: $15 billion.
  • Occupy about 0.5% of market share in the betting market.

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MartCoin Price Predictions

Average MartCoin ICO Price: $0.80

Expected Price In 3 Months: $50

Potential ROI(Return on Investment): 6250%

How Do I Sign Up For MartCoin?

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