DavorCoin ICO Review – Is DavorCoin A Scam?

DavorCoin is brand new lending platform looking to take over the market. Although it’s new it’s grown in popularity with the new DavorCoin ICO just around the corner many of us are excited for what’s to come. The ICO will start on November 6th and is looking to be completed by December 5th, however we are expecting that tokens may be sold out as early as November 18th.

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DavorCoin ICO

DavorCoin Review

DavorCoin is looking to build an arbitrage system that is financed by their lending programme to grow investors money. An arbitrage system utilises the differences in pricing on exchanges to make up to 20% gains on specific coins. Often times a whale or wealthy coin holder decides to sell off large portions of their portfolio, causing a temporary crash in one coin on an exchange, however that same coin will hold value on other exchanges, therefore an arbitrage system can take advantage of this and buy on one exchange whilst simultaneously selling on the other.

Whereas most coins choose to focus on building a trading bot, which has been debated if they are legitimate or not, DavorCoin is looking to make an arbitrage bot that will successfully work on the market. Arbitrage bots already exist and can be very profitable of up to 10% a day.

DavorCoin Arbitrage bot

DavorCoin ICO

The DavorCoin initial coin offering is looking to start on November 6th. The official end date is December 6th. The coin total will be 6 million over the course of the 1 month ICO. Depending on which stage you enter the ICO, the price will vary. The first stage from November 6th will be a ICO price of $0.72 per coin. The price will then increase to $0.84 on the next stage, $0.96 after that and then $1.08 and a final stage of $1.20.

With the current hype surrounding DavorCoin I’m expecting this to sell out rather fast. The ICO first round is always a great time to test the waters and see how hyped an ICO is. If we see quick sellout on the first round than we can expect the next rounds to sell out even faster. By basing our assesment on previous initial coin offerings we’ve seen, we can see that GoldReward sold out first round in 32 hours, followed by a 3 hour sellout on the second round.

DavorCoin ICO

DavorCoin Roadmap

The DavorCoin project and platform has been in development since December 2016. This has given them a head start on a lot of the technology they are focusing on. The arbitrage beta platform has been in testing since February 2017. The Davor blockchain has been built in October along with their fully functional arbitrage platform. We can look forward to their worldwide marketing to come in 2017 and their lending platform release at the end of November. They are looking to release their internal exchange in December, alongside a iOS wallet and a block explorer. Davor hopes to release their mining pool in 2018 and focus on building business partnerships with others in the industry. You can find the DavorCoin reddit here, where discussions and talks are held about progress.

DavorCoin Scam?

Many people have asked me if DavorCoin is a scam, and I can confidently answer than this is certainly not a scam. We expect DavorCoin to see continuous growth throughout the rest of 2017.

My price predictions for DavorCoin

ICO Price: $0.76

Expected price in 3 months: $15

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DavorCoin ICO

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