CryptoXChanger ExchangeCoin ICO Review – Is CryptoXChanger A Scam?

CryptoXChanger is an exchange platform allowing you find the cheapest source of crypto currencies all located on one exchange. Whilst creating and developing this the team at CryptoXChanger had the amazing idea to develop their own coin: ExchangeCoin (EXCC). This coin would allow them to fund and develop the features they wish to see on their platform, whilst providing their users value through the ICO(initial coin offering).

CryptoXChanger brings decentralisation through the blockchain, so no data is kept on any single server. This creates a robust platform that can never be taken down by governments, or any other entity. Alongside this it brings safety to the network, as no trust must be placed on any single person. By keeping this secure and anonymous platform decentralised we can have full confidence in CryptoXChanger and allow us to invest with relatively low risk.

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CryptoXChanger Exchange Coin Review

The ExchangeCoin will allow for no trading limits on any crypto currency pair. You can buy your favorite coins such as Ethereum, ARK, LISK or even GoldReward (GRX) and not face any limits on the quantity you can buy. Many exchanges that are centralised such as Bittrex, Binance and others require you to fill out KYC forms and at any time can deactivate your account, however with this decentralised creation, you no longer have to worry about issues commonly occurring on those platforms.

ExchangeCoin (EXCC) also removes the previous problems of bots and manipulation occuring on most exchanges. By having every transaction stored on the blockchain, it stops all manipulation and makes everything transparent.

The main part that makes ExchangeCoin amazing is the lending platform, or investment program as listed on their website. You can use ExchangeCoin to multiply your investment by receiving dividends by lending out money to CryptoXChanger. This makes ExchangeCoin very profitable in the long run and allows you to earn passive income.

CryptoXChanger ExchangeCoin EXCC ICO

The ExchangeCoin (EXCC) ICO will take place and begin on the 18th of November. 6 rounds will take place, each spanning 5 days each. A total of 6 million tokens will be sold. If the average sale price at the intial coin offering is around $1.50, then the market capitalisation of Exchange Coin will be close to $9M. This market cap is EXTREMELY LOW and leaves plenty of room for investors to make large profits.

ICO funds raised will be used for 3 main purposes. To hold a reserve for CryptoXChanger should they run into any troubles, 20% for marketing & legal purposes, 30% for product development, 15% for operation and 10% for research and development. As marketing is already taken care of by the users, who are encouraged to share with their friends and spread the word, we believe most of the funds will be used to hire developers and maintain the system securely.

How Can You Make Money With CryptoXChanger Exchange Coin?

Many people are probably wondering how they can best take advantage of the CryptoXChanger platform. First of all you should look to get into the initial coin offering. Lending platforms have notoriously multiplied their coin price in just a few weeks. Looking at coins such as RegalCoin which managed to perform a 90x on the ICO price, or BitConnect which has surpassed anyones expectations, you can expect similar returns from CryptoXChanger.

The ICO is very hard to get into, as coins sell out VERY FAST. I struggled to get into the first round on the 18th of November, and you will most likely do so to. If you miss out on the ICO then we recommend you look into getting acquainted with their lending program. By lending funds to CryptoXChanger you will be able to generate passive income of around 1.5% a day. This can then compound if you re-invest and this will make you even more money.

What Are Your ExchangeCoin Price Predictions?

ICO Price: $1.50

ExchangeCoin Price in 3 months: $45

How Can I Sign Up For CryptoXChanger?

You can signup for CryptoXChanger by visiting this link:

By using the link located above you will gain an 8% signup bonus.

If you want to visit the reddit for CryptoXChanger than see here: CryptoXChanger reddit.

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