How To Get The Best Speakers

Speakers in 2017 are varied in quality, design and performance. When going over the latest speaker releases we realised something amazing. The speakers that performed the best were ones that were the cheapest. This may be confusing to many readers, as usually the best performing products are ones that are the priciest.

We reviewed several common bluetooth speakers such as the Cambridge Soundworks Oontz Angle 3 and the DOSS Touch. When going over both of these speakers which are defined as cheaper speakers, we found that the audio output quality was great and gave us great value for money.

We even looked at other websites such as TheTechInsiders speaker reviews and found that on that website the performance of such speakers was fantastic.

Looking at Razer who provides pricier and supposedly better performing speakers, we saw that their bluetooth speakers did not actually give us good value for money or provide good audio quality. They are priced at nearly double of other speakers we found, however only performed at half the audio quality.

Now for our more specific review of the Cambridge Soundworks Oontz Angle 3, this speaker is really something crazy. oontz angle 3It’s size and portability are 10/10 and allow the customer and user to transport the speaker from one location to another relatively easily. It’s portability is great due to the lightweight build of the speaker and although we believe that the inside components are good, the weight is not affected at all. It’s audio output is great, it has a large range of up to 15 metres, which for a little speaker is not ordinary. It provides good quality audio similar to the Dre Beats and music can be heard crystal clear.

Overall we think that if your looking to get the cheapest or best speaker around, then the Oontz will do the job for you. If you’re going to invest a bit more money then go for Bose, but steer clear of Razer as honestly we don’t think they are that great.

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