Hamilton Beach BrewStation Coffeemaker

Wouldn’t it be great if you could fill your coffee cup as easily as you fill your drink cup at a fast food drink station? Well, you can with the Hamilton Beach BrewStation® Coffeemaker. Making the coffee is as simple as with the best coffee maker. Add water to the water tank, add coffee grounds and a filter to the basket, and push the button. However, the BrewStation® dispensing process makes getting coffee just a little more convenient. There are several models, each with different features designed for different coffee making needs. Fore a home with multiple coffee drinkers, there is the BrewStation® 12 Cup Coffeemaker with Timer. This is my family’s favorite and has been a big hit with all of our houseguests. The well insulated coffee reservoir keeps the coffee hot and fresh tasting for hours. Unlike a regular coffeemaker with a glass carafe, the BrewStation® doesn’t have a hot plate that can leave the coffee tasting scorched after being held for awhile.

For a never-ending supply of coffee on weekends, we “piggyback” the batches of coffee. Instead of waiting until the pot is empty, we leave the last quarter pot of coffee in the reservoir, add water and coffee grounds and restart. We never run out of coffee, and nobody has to wait for a new pot of coffee to be made. Fresh-tasting, hot coffee can be dispensed at any time during the brewing process without disrupting the coffee making process.

Hamilton Beach also makes the BrewStation® in several designs that allow a tall travel mug to easily be filled from the coffee reservoir. Some models make smaller batches of coffee. Some allow the user to choose the strength of the coffee. There is even the option of making iced coffee. Many models come with a timer, allowing the coffee to be set up in the evening. There is nothing like waking up to the smell of freshly brewing coffee in the morning.

The Hamilton Beach BrewStation® has the look of one of those fancy expensive coffee makers, but it is so much more affordable. It is as easy to use and clean as the old coffee maker you’ve been using for years, but there isn’t a glass carafe that can be broken, and there isn’t a hot plate for coffee to drip onto and leave a burnt mess to scrub clean. The delicious, fresh, hot coffee is dispensed hands-free, so there aren’t any spills to clean up.

I would highly recommend the Hamilton Beach BrewStation® Coffeemaker to anyone in the market for a new coffeemaker. This machine provides convenience with great tasting coffee.

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