Braun Cruzer 5 Beard Trimmer Review

The Braun Cruzer 5 is a light and convenient beard trimmer that doesn’t need too much thought to whip out and go to town. braun cruzer 5It is certainly not an all-encompassing razor, but what it undertakes to do, it does well. Its ultra sharp trimming plates, coupled with its dual batteries for extra power enables a smooth glide over your beard for a precise trim, no matter how unruly the growth.

Braun Cruzer 5

At the most basic level, the Cruzer 5 has a simple set up with an easy thumb-activated power switch located in a position that is intuitively accessible. There is an LED display that shows when it’s charging , and when that’s done, the cord comes off for untethered convenience during use. All these basic functions blend together seamlessly for a hassle-free experience. The Braun also comes with a detachable beard comb. The comb can be removed during cleaning or if you need a closer cut.

Braun Cruzer 5 Features

The Braun Cruzer presents some compelling reasons and features for those of us who are meticulous about grooming, its even said to be one of the top 10 beard trimmers. For one, finding a trimmer that packs enough power  to cut through thick stubble is not easy. In most trimmers, the power is just not there and we are left with repeated passes over a few stubborn strands. However, Braun solved that issue with the Cruzer’s dual battery system. That puts the extra power in your hands to makes it seem like you’re slicing through sorbet and not stubble.

Those batteries also allow you to pick up the Braun, rather than tether it to the wall outlet, which you can, if you need to shave and charge in a hurry. Other than that, an overnight charge results in enough juice to run the Cruzer for 6 – 8 shaves, or if you just need a quick trim, ten minutes on the charger will do the job for one shave. For those who travel, there are two things that beckon the use of the Cruzer. First, its light and small, and second, you can plug it into any voltage, worldwide, and it will work fine without the need for a
Many people especially like the single beard comb that slides effortlessly through grooves. The comb slides across six stops which allow you to trim hair to lengths between 1 mm and 11mm with five graduations in between. Wait, what’s an mm? you ask. Well, a millimeter is about the length of a two-day shadow. If you want to trim it shorter than that, Braun even designed it so that you can safely remove the beard comb and slide the stainless steel base smoothly over your skin to get a stylish 5 o’clock shadow. What’s nice is that each length you desire is neatly marked for easy selection.

You can also leave the beard comb off when you want to contour the edges. The oscillating blades are designed in such away that when they come in contact with your skin, you can feel them vibrating, yet they don’t nick the skin. Nicely done.

Cleaning the Braun Cruzer 5 

Once you’re done with the trimmer, a swipe of the thumb turns it off. You will appreciate that the Cruzer 5 is not a high-maintenance item that you need to fuss over a lot. You can run it in flowing water and not worry about the electrical mechanism inside. The stainless steel blades clean effortlessly, and in mere moments it’s ready for its next use.  Braun takes this whole water thing seriously. Not only does the water-tight design allow you to wash the blades, you can even go about your trim when your face or beard is wet, or if your hands are wet for that matter. Speaking of wet hands, the material that shrouds the trimmer is not only comfortable to the touch, it also grips well when your hands are wet, so the Cruzer becomes an instrument of precision even in slippery hands.

Minor Imperfections in Braun Cruzer 5

In all its superiority the Cruzer 5 is not perfect. There are a few design features I find lacking. For instance, the beard comb only stops at odd numbered lengths and not in between. I would have preferred that it slide smoothly so I could get to any number of lengths and be the master of my own beard length. I can’t do that here. Inconvenient? Sure. But not a deal breaker.

The beard comb is light and feels a little too ‘plasticky’ and I would have preferred it to be a little more robust. Again, it’s a taste preference and not a show stopper. But as far as being a workhorse and getting the stubble tamed on a daily routine, the Cruzer works great, and that’s all we really need.

At the end of the day, the fact that it’s a Braun makes a huge difference. Braun’s customer satisfaction guarantee is legendary, and just way ahead of many others out there. If and when you need to fall back on it because something is just not working for you, Braun will stand by their promise of satisfaction. No matter what the advertisements say or what the reviews claim, that’s the bottom line, I think.

The only problem that I foresee presenting a significant hurdle is the possibility that replacement parts are hard to come by, and if found, are usually expensive. I am the kind of person that usually doesn’t bother with replacements. The product is inexpensive enough that I can just pick up a new one if anything major goes wrong. But I guess, that would be the major sticking point for most other people.

Getting the Cruzer

There are a number of places you could get the Braun Cruzer 5. Amazon is a pretty good bet. The local Walmart definitely carries them and so will a number of places online. Prices vary from one retailer to the next but from what I’ve seen it’s usually a better bargain when you get them online.

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