BIORE MENS Kao Double Face Scrub Review

To maintain a clean look and have a striking impression on friends and co-workers, men need products that they can trust and use efficiently in their arsenal. Long days test the skin and make it weary, so refreshing it and nourishing it frequently with a reliable face wash is a huge necessity. Thus, we introduce the Biore Men’s facial wash – a product ideal for use for many skin types, from oily to dry.


Coming in a large bottle containing 130 grams or 4.5 ounces of the blend, the product is enough for use over extended periods of time and the bottle itself is attractive with a white and black color stricken with brilliant shades of grey.


The scrub face wash contains quality ingredients that ensure results and a cool, refreshing feel on the skin unlike other products of its kind. The scrub is also a mix of black and white components working as a double scrub that will be described in the features.


Coming in a mix of two components, white beads and foam and black beads, the product works as a double scrub that revitalizes the skin and refreshes it to give satisfying results. The foam also has a cool and smooth feel to it, which is mainly due to the menthol featured in its ingredients. BIORE MENS Kao Double Face ScrubThis makes for a cleaning scrub that feels great on the skin and doesn’t introduce the same issues as many others of the same type.


Removing the oil from the skin, cleaning it, and softening it are a few of the benefits that the Biore Men facial scrub promises. The mixture of black and white components ensures that the double facial scrub tackles the nourishment, smoothness, and the removal of excess oil and dead skin cells for a great look. Adding to that, it also has a cool feel to it, which is great on the skin and makes the product stand out from others of the same kind.

  • Large bottle, good for extended use.
  • Cool, refreshing feel as it features menthol.
  • Tackles most problems with an expert blend of ingredients.

  • The company itself is not as renowned as its competitors.
  • The large bottle means you can’t test the product out, and neither is there a refund policy.
  • Sellers don’t give much data to review the product well.

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