Best Sit And Stand Stroller (January 2018)

Finding the best sit and stand stroller can be a very time consuming task, here at SitAndStandStrollerReviews we provide you with unbiased sit and stand stroller reviews to help you find what you need easy and conveniently.

Having two or more children by your side can cause a difficult problem when it comes to transporting them from one location to another. Hence the birth of baby strollers and the popular growth to market. A baby stroller is the most convenient thing to be invented for parents and what else could help so much with transporting your child from place to place?

A long list of variations of baby strollers have been invented tandem strollers, double strollers, umbrella models and tons of other unique and innovative designs to add convenience to your life. A new popular model that has recently been introduced to the market and growing in popularity is the sit and stand baby stroller.

Sit And Stand Stroller Our Review Rating Price
Joovy Caboose Ultralight Excellent Unique Features Makes This Our Most Recommended Sit And Stand Stroller, Great Build Quality, Long Warranty Duration Check Price
Graco Roomfor2 High Quality Build, Sturdy And Well Designed, Less Warranty Than Competitors, Lacks Some Size And Comfort Check Price
Baby Trend Ultra Stroller Baby Trend Are Industry Leaders, The Structure Of The Stroller Is Well Designed, Great Build, Perfect For Those On A Budget Check Price

Best Sit And Stand Stroller

Joovy Caboose Ultralight Graphite Sit And Stand Stroller

The Joovy ultralight stroller weighs just 25.9 lbs making it one of the lightest sit and stand strollers available. Ontop of this it is priced very reasonably and is affordable for the modern day family who do not have a large amount of expendable funds. The strollers capacity sits at 90 pounds, so you can easily fit 2 children inside of the stroller and have extra room for more items, such as groceries, handbags or baby items. The large canopy above the seated part of the stroller does an excellent job at blocking the sun and keeping your child safe from the weather, the tires are very reliable and can handle most difficult terrain, it is very easy to maneuver and has a fantastic breaking system should you need to suddenly stop.

Joovy Caboose Ultralight Graphite Stroller, Black
List Price: $249.99
Price: $148.99
You Save: $101.00
Price Disclaimer

Joovy offers a 2 year warranty and will replace or fix any faults that come with the stroller, or any manufacturing defects. This warranty is 2 times longer than other popular strollers.


Graco Roomfor2 Click Connect Stand and Ride Stroller

Graco are known for their high quality products and producing very well built strollers made for lasting years on end without running into faults. The build quality is so strong that it can handle two children weighing in at 50 lbs each, so the max capacity of this stroller is 100 lbs, although we believe it can handle much more than this, it is recommended to keep it below 100. You can attach infant car seats to the stroller, making it very convenient to transfer young babies from the car to the stroller without having to take them out and place them back in the stroller. Alongside the standing platform comes a padded seat should the older child wish to sit rather than stand. The main seat is very comfortable and is designed to provide maximum comfort for your child.

The warranty provided for the Roomfor2 is only 1 year which is much less than other strollers in this market. The build quality though is very good so it is unlikely for you to run into issues with the stroller.


Baby Trend Sit N Stand Ultra Stroller

The Baby Trend Ultra Stroller has been designed to accommodate your children in the most convenient and comfortable way. The seat is designed to be very spacious for your child giving them a lot of freedom whilst also keeping them safely locked in. The overhead canopy can protect from rain and sun. The rear platform can be converted to a seat to have both of your children seated, or it can be kept as a standing platform depending on your childs desire. The maximum weight capacity of the sit n stand stroller is 100 lbs, which is more than enough for two small children and will be more than enough for two older children. You can attach 2 car seats to the stroller so its easy to transfer your children from your vehicle to your stroller. The wheels are designed to handle any and all terrain and be strong enough to withstand stone chips and other obstacles.

Overall Baby Trend has developed a fantastic sit and stand stroller and offer you a 1 year warranty alongside their product, should any problems arise.


What Is The Widely Popular Sit And Stand Stroller?

The name is pretty self explanatory. It can also often be labeled the Sit n Stand stroller. Your child can choose between sitting and standing with this stroller type, depending on their mood and energy levels. A younger  child can sit in the car seat that is attached to the stroller. Once your children have grown up a bit into the toddler and pre-school age range, they can now utilize the standing platform and choose whether to ride, sit or stand. As a parent you will have a view of both the seat and standing platform and can monitor both with relative ease.

The main task of the Sit And Stand Stroller is to address children of multiple age ranges, often times when children grow, they will demand that their parents give them some independence, whilst they may think they are sure of themselves it frequently leads to issues with the parents being unable to monitor both the older child and the younger child at the same time. With the standing platform you can give the older child some independence whilst also making sure they are safe. With this you should see a reduction in temper tantrums and a much happier child.

The Sit and Stand design helped young children stay safe whilst also not cramping them into a seat that is beneath their age range and can feel very embarrassing for a child. With the standing platform they often feel much more grown up and excited to take days out with the parents.

The strollers come with two seats, the front seat which can have a car seat attached to hold a young infant child and a rear seat which is removable and can perform as both a platform for your child to stand on and a seating position, depending on the day, how tired your child is and their desires you can adjust accordingly.

With standard strollers you will run into issues with your child being very unhappy due to being cramped into a small seat and restrained there. The lack of options will give your child a nasty attitude and will make them frustrated. This will most likely lead to you having to carry the child in your arms, or spend hours arguing over the issue with no solution.

The multiple riding positions for your children has what made this the top choice with new parents. The flexibility allows you to accommodate your child’s preference and make sure they are the most comfortable and happy, whilst maintaining safety around them and keeping them protected.

Your older child can step off the stroller and choose to sit or stand when needed. Keeping a difference between the treatment of the older child and the younger child is important, as the older one will want some more freedom that his or her younger sibling. The element of freedom that is given to them is very powerful is making sure they are kept happy and do not feel like they are being treated similar to someone that is much younger than they are. Although you are giving them so much freedom, you also have a streamlined way to manage and look-over your children, as everything is located directly in-front of you and you no long require 6 sets of eyes to watch over your children.

The Different Types of Sit And Stand Strollers

Purchasing a higher end sit and stand stroller provides you with a few extra features other than just a basic seating and standing position for your children. You will often get some extras such as storage baskets, cup holders and removable trays.

The SAS strollers are created to hold two car seats with one child in each. Any variation of toddler, baby or older child can be accommodated in the sit and stand strollers and it is a very versatile piece of transportation equipment.

For those of you with a higher budget you can opt to go for a deluxe edition, giving you a lightweight yet sturdy build, giving you more maneuverability through tough crowds and uneven terrain.

To save you money and time searching for car seats, some strollers will come with a detachable car seat included, so you can complete two purchases by only buying one stroller and save you time and money.

Many strollers will come with rain, wind and sun protection. Mesh canopies are sometimes included to keep your child safe and often times you can obtain see through canopy for rain and wind protection.

Some strollers will come with detachable parts and wheels, so you can store the stroller away for when it is not needed easily and into a small compact space.

A few strollers can be converted completely into a smaller standard stroller, if your child has grown out of the standing platform and you only have use for one child, then you can opt to do so.

With a sit and stand stroller you gain the following:

  • Functionality
  • Stylish Build
  • Very Versatile

Benefits of Owning a Sit and Stand Stroller

As a owner of a sit and stand stroller you gain extra benefits on top of those that you would have with a traditional stroller.

  • Very Convenient – You can transport 2 children at once and can watch over both of them at the same time.
  • Happy Children – As your older child can have more freedom they will be much more happy and give you less attitude making your life easier.
  • Storage – You can carry extra storage in the stroller such as purses, wallets, bags and baby necessities.
  • Comfort – The strollers are very comfortoble to sit inside, stand and to be manuevering.
  • Operate with one hand only – You can fold many of these strollers up with just one hand.
  • Bond with both children – You can bond with both children at the same time whereas before you would be dividing your attention unevenly.
  • Easy maneuvering – The swivel wheels making moving around very easy with the sit and stand stroller even with 2 children inside
  • Easy to convert– You can conver the stroller to 1 seats, 2 seats, standing and 1 seat or just 1 seat on its own very easily. Making it extremely versatile.

Some Considerations Before Purchasing A Stroller

Before you opt to purchase a sit and stand stroller, we recommend you look at this check list to make sure you are making the correct choice.

Weight– Choosing a heavier and more well built stroller is better for those of you using it fairly often, otherwise a cheaper and lower quality build should be chosen.

Versatility – Is the stroller going to offer you enough versatility to justify the cost expenditure? A model that can be used from infancy through those pre-school years can be very convenient.

Mobility– You do need to test the model before buying it. The wheels should be able to roll and swivel without unnecessary hesitation.

Braking system– Just like a car a good stroller will be equipped with brakes.

Size– Will the sit and stand stroller fit neatly into your car trunk, mini-van or closet?

Wheels– Larger wheels will often give better performance value to any stroller.

Approval– has the stroller received the stamp of approval from an organization such as Juvenile Products Manufacturers’ Association?

Harness/Lap Belts– are these safety measures meeting the highest standards?

Ratings– Study the consumer reviews and ratings that the sit and stand stroller has garnered. This will help you gain a better understanding of the product features and discover what parents really think about the stroller.

Child Weight Limit– Some of the sit and stand strollers can accommodate up to 80 pounds (40 pounds per child) and others will offer weight accommodations of 100 pounds (or more).

Ease of use– does the stroller handle easily whether kids are on-board or the seats are empty?

Height of Handgrips– Are the handgrips at a height that you find comfortable? Are they adjustable?

Special Features Of The Sit And Stand Strollers

Locking Mechanism– secure adjustment that will keep the infant car seat from falling or shifting.

Convertibility– use as a single stroller-convert to a tandem-then back to a single seat model as desired.

Travel System-many models offer the option of a factory-to-customer travel system. This means that you get the sit and stand design plus a specially designed infant car seat that is part of the package.

Child Friendly– these strollers are built to please active children who want a little more freedom. The strollers feature the rear jump seat as well as a platform to use for sitting or standing. More choices means happier kids.

Swivel Wheels– The wheels are designed for maximum maneuverability on a number of different surfaces.

Adjustable Handgrips– This makes it both comfortable and easy for a parent to push the stroller.

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