Benefits of the Comet CM-M10CD 10-Sheet Jamstop Micro Cut Paper Shredder

It is highly important that you shred all important documents that contain personal details such as your credit card details or Social Security Number before you dispose of them. This way, you can prevent other people from gaining an access to these private and personal information (Identity theft), which can greatly impact your security. With this in mind, it makes sense to invest in a high quality paper shredder that can instantly turn your documents into tiny pieces that are impossible to patch back together. This is exactly what the Comet CM-M10CD 10-Sheet Jamstop micro cut paper shredder offers – and a few more brilliant features that will impress you and make sure that this is the best paper shredder.

Solid Performance

This top-notch paper shredder is renowned for its solid and consistently efficient performance that can shred CDs, DVDs, paper and credit card. It is also capable of shredding about 7 feet of paper in one minute, so you can expect this tool to get the job done quickly. In addition, it comes with several options such as reverse, forward, and ready. With just a press of a button, the machine runs instantly and starts shredding items.

Durable Components

The Comet CM-M10CD shredder is made of the finest materials such as high quality steel cross-cut blades and durable waste basket that you can pull out easily for a hassle-free waste disposal. There are also four sturdy casters that allow you to position the machine to any areas in your office space or home.

Reliable Features

You can expect only the best results from using this shredder by Comet. It offers the lowest noise level, bin-full alert, auto and manual reverse, and a pull out 4.2-gallon basket capacity. It also has a slim shape, so you can place it in cramped areas without taking up too much floor space.

Who Would Buy this Paper Shredder

If you are in need of a durable and efficient paper shredder that comes with basic features in one nifty package, then the Comet CM-M10CD is the perfect option for you. It has essential components that make a reliable and functional paper shredder, which is quite easy to operate.


Many people are impressed by the ultra-quiet operation of this machine, that they could not even tell when it is running or not in use. Additionally, it is can micro-shred paper in lighting speed, thus saving more time and energy on your part. This is indeed a practical investment that you will treasure for years.


Although some users complain that the product is a bit heavier than other shredders in the market, it comes with durable casing and components that can resist long-term wear. The roller wheels are also quite decent and work great when you want to relocate the shredder.

Value for Your Money

Overall, this brilliant shredder by Comet is a must-have for your office or home. Its silent operation, safety features, and outstanding performance are only some of the reasons why you should check out this Comet CM-M10CD shredder in the market.

My Interesting Story Of Attending A London SEO Conference

I travel around alot. This year I went to a SEO conference in London. In my opinion it was the Best SEO events london. I was allowed to explore the backstage and speak to many of the famous names that were attending.

During the conference I was sitting next to Charles Floate a very well known SEO guru from London. seo conferenceI spoke to him about how to optimize my site and make it stand out from all of my friends and competitors. He gave me a very useful tip that I will forever stand by. Making sure my content is amazing is key! He told me how Google was very dependant on my content being amazing to be able to rank me high up and that if I don’t make my content readable and engaging to my audience then my chances of ranking high up will be very low.

I also had a chance to speak to some guys currently living in Thailand but visiting London for the SEO conference. london seo conferenceThey had a big group of friends that I was able to meet, and they were able to share some secret tips on how SEO works and how attending this London conference was such a good idea for me, as I would meet so many people.

Alongside all of this I was listening to the speakers who said that making sure my theme and site load speeds are of a good standard will help me with Google and Bing ranking, therefore I decided to change my theme on this site so I hope all of you understand my reasoning. This new theme increases my site load speed by 30% and gives me a much better ranking than before.

If you are ever debating in the future in whether you should go to a conference or not, I highly recommend you do, especially if it’s a SEO one.

Hamilton Beach BrewStation Coffeemaker

Wouldn’t it be great if you could fill your coffee cup as easily as you fill your drink cup at a fast food drink station? Well, you can with the Hamilton Beach BrewStation® Coffeemaker. Making the coffee is as simple as with the best coffee maker. Add water to the water tank, add coffee grounds and a filter to the basket, and push the button. However, the BrewStation® dispensing process makes getting coffee just a little more convenient. There are several models, each with different features designed for different coffee making needs. Fore a home with multiple coffee drinkers, there is the BrewStation® 12 Cup Coffeemaker with Timer. This is my family’s favorite and has been a big hit with all of our houseguests. The well insulated coffee reservoir keeps the coffee hot and fresh tasting for hours. Unlike a regular coffeemaker with a glass carafe, the BrewStation® doesn’t have a hot plate that can leave the coffee tasting scorched after being held for awhile.

For a never-ending supply of coffee on weekends, we “piggyback” the batches of coffee. Instead of waiting until the pot is empty, we leave the last quarter pot of coffee in the reservoir, add water and coffee grounds and restart. We never run out of coffee, and nobody has to wait for a new pot of coffee to be made. Fresh-tasting, hot coffee can be dispensed at any time during the brewing process without disrupting the coffee making process.

Hamilton Beach also makes the BrewStation® in several designs that allow a tall travel mug to easily be filled from the coffee reservoir. Some models make smaller batches of coffee. Some allow the user to choose the strength of the coffee. There is even the option of making iced coffee. Many models come with a timer, allowing the coffee to be set up in the evening. There is nothing like waking up to the smell of freshly brewing coffee in the morning.

The Hamilton Beach BrewStation® has the look of one of those fancy expensive coffee makers, but it is so much more affordable. It is as easy to use and clean as the old coffee maker you’ve been using for years, but there isn’t a glass carafe that can be broken, and there isn’t a hot plate for coffee to drip onto and leave a burnt mess to scrub clean. The delicious, fresh, hot coffee is dispensed hands-free, so there aren’t any spills to clean up.

I would highly recommend the Hamilton Beach BrewStation® Coffeemaker to anyone in the market for a new coffeemaker. This machine provides convenience with great tasting coffee.

How To Find A Good Ergonomic Gaming Chair

There are so many cheap office chairs available in the market that finding the right one can prove to be a very difficult task. These days, however, an ergonomic gaming chair is one of the best ways of making your office or gaming nook a more comfortable place.

While an ergonomic gaming chair is primarily designed to suit a wide range of body types and heights, you will still have to do a bit of searching before finding the right type of chair that is perfect for your personal use. x rocker iiEach ergonomic gaming chair is different from other similar chairs. For example, one chair could have armrests that are too far apart while other chairs could have armrests that are too close together.

Some chairs might also be too high for comfort, even after you have adjusted it to its lowest settings. You should also consider your workstation when looking for an ergonomic gaming chair. Some chairs may take up too much space and you might find your work area to be too cramped. Several gamers have sworn by X Rocker to be the best gaming chair they could find, but not everyone has the same opinion.

These days, many people spend most of their lives working in offices. This means that a large chunk of the population actually spends 8 hours or more sitting on a particular chair. This is one of the most important reasons why your chair should be as comfortable as possible. Many people also sit on chairs even if they are not yet working in offices. Students spend a lot of time in their chairs trying to study or while doing their homework. Children who enjoy gaming games also spend a lot of time sitting on chairs. Given the number of hours you spend sitting, you chair should be able to give your back and the rest of your body ample support. Using an ergonomic gaming chair will help prevent many health problems later on in life.

There are a number of important things that you should consider when looking for an ergonomic gaming chair. You should measure your body dimensions first before making a selection. Ideally, a chair’s seat height should be equal to about one fourth of your total height. You should also take the price of the chair into consideration.

Find a chair that fits your budget while still providing you with ample support for your back and your spine. You should also consider the type of work that you will be doing. Other considerations include repair costs and maintenance costs. Find a chair with a good warranty to avoid unnecessary costs.A good ergonomic gaming chair should also have a number of important characteristics. It should be fully adjustable. This will allow you to adjust the chair to conform to your body’s dimensions. Your chair should also have a comfortable padded back rest. This is important since your backrest will provide support to your spine and your back.

Where to Travel: Killarney, Ireland

What makes a perfect vacation? Is it beautiful scenery, different and interesting experiences, a variety of things to do, or just the simple beauty that comes with leaving home and discovering something different? Although this answer likely varies quite a bit depending on the person, there just seem to be a few vacation destinations that are designed to please any and all who choose to make the adventure. One such location is known as Killarney, Ireland. Although many have likely dreamed of traveling to Ireland, there are also many questions that usually come about when a trip includes leaving the country. However, even though it may not be the traditional vacation of beaches and ocean waves, there is so much to enjoy in Killarney that one will wonder if sand and water could even compare. I even took some water home with me, by using the best travel mug I purchased earlier on.

From the start, Killarney is just a simply beautiful location. Although all of Ireland is pretty and historic, Killarney may very well be one of the nicest and most picturesque locations to travel too. To enjoy all of this beauty, there are a variety of activities that one can take part in. For those who like doing things themselves, there are a variety of trails and self guided hiking expeditions up and around the surrounding mountains and valleys, and there is so much to explore that one will likely not be able to take it all in during one vacation. However, for those who may not be so thrilled about the possibility of wandering about by themselves, there are also many guided tours and expeditions. And, if one likes to explore, but may not feel like going for a hike or walk, there are bus and horse drawn tours through the local regions and some that even go up some of the surrounding mountain pathways. No matter what way that one chooses to enjoy the scenery, one of the best parts about a vacation to Killarney is not only the chance to enjoy so much beauty, but having so many ways in which to experience it.

One of the highlights of Killarney, though, and something that should be experienced by almost every traveler is the Muckross Gardens. Spanning an incredibly distance, and with almost unlimited space for exploration and enjoyment, the gardens are a beautiful sight to behold, and have been the main attraction for visitors for a long time. Another highlight are the beautiful lakes that surround the town. Try taking a boat out, or simply having a picnic lunch one of the picturesque shorelines. It is truly an experience beyond compare.

However, dragging oneself out of the lodging may be a bit more difficult than expected. Although there are a few small motels lingering about, one of the best ways to travel and stay in Killarney is to rent out a house or cottage for the time while your there. It may be more expensive than traditional hotel lodging, but it is worth it in every way. Imagine your very own cottage home to come back to everyday, fireplace roaring, brick and earthy accents, and almost everything that could make one feel at home. There really is no bad place to stay in Killarney, and no matter what one chooses for their lodging, they are bound to be happy and satisfied.

Another very enjoyable experience about Killarney is the food. Yes, there are some fast food and Americanized restaurants milling about in the town, but for those who truly enjoy food, and want to experience something different, there is nothing better then seeking out a traditional Irish pub or restaurant, and enjoying the delicious and expertly prepared food.

For those who enjoy going out at night, there are a variety of entertainment centers and bars for one to enjoy. There is almost always something to do at night, and there sometimes seems to be no limit to the way that one can spend an evening out.

Although Killarney, or even Ireland, may not be the first thing that pops into mind when one thinks about a vacation abroad, one trip is enough to keep many coming back year after year, and Killarney may very well be one of the best locations in Ireland. From the food, to the lodging, to the beauty and natural wonder, there is almost nothing not to like about Killarney.

The Top Panini Presses Of 2017

The Breville BSG520XL Nonstick Panini Press is just as functionally sound as any great panini maker should be. The nonstick and scratch resistant Quantanium cooking plates are easy to clean and durable, the floating hinge allows for culinary creations of all kinds and thicknesses, the large 95 square inch cooking surface means cooking for 4 is a snap, and “power on” and “ready” lights ensure you know just when to start cooking. This panini producing kitchen delight even has a flat bottom plate and ribbed top plate for more versatility.

Want to create a traditional panini with those awesome grill marks? Flip it over half way through to get perfect grill marks on both sides. Want scrambled eggs, french toast or pancakes? Leave the lid open and just use the flat griddle bottom plate. Super versatility. And it looks good too. The wide, easy to grab Cool-Touch handle and brushed Stainless Steel housing make it as attractive as it is functional, and the included recipe booklet will help jump start your creative juices. Want to know how to cook an Herbed Omelet Panini, warm Caesar sandwiches, or dessert award winners like Sweet Fig Focaccia and crispy Brioche with Berries? They’re all in this handy recipe book. Breville backs the BSG520XL Nonstick Panini Press with a 1 year warranty, and it stores vertically, requiring very little space.

The retro styling of the DeLonghi CGH800-U Retro Panini Grill creates the best paninis this side of Italy! The best panini press needs to have 4 features, and this panini producing piece of perfection has them all – large cooking area, nonstick backyard grill-style plates, indicator lights and a hinged top lid to allow for different sized sandwiches. delonghi panini pressBut don’t just cook paninis! You can cook the perfect porkchop, slide veggies, burgers and boneless chicken pieces as well. Just place inside and pull down the hinged lid that adjusts to any size creations, and you are cooking in a snap. And the “ready” green light lets you know when your DeLonghi CGH800-U Retro Panini Grill is ready to go.

The retro look includes a “glitter and mirror” finish and durable black plastic that looks great in your kitchen, and extras only found on this panini maker showcase this beauty. The bottom plate is slanted to allow for grease drip off into the incuded plastic grease catch, making this a healthier machine than most. The DeLonghi CGH800-U Retro Panini Grill also comes with a huge 60 recipes for panini and sandwich perfection. This panini maker will never take up much needed space, as it stores vertically, and DeLonghi covers it with a 1 year warranty.

The Cuisinart GR-1 Griddler Panini and Sandwich Press takes artisan sandwich making out of the coffee shop and deli and places it right in your hands at home. No more cold paninis from your favorite restaurant, or sandwiches made not quite right. The 4 basic traits of the perfect panini maker are all in place. A full 88 inches of sandwich making non-stick grill plates provide ample cooking room for grilled sandwiches, slices of meat, boneless chicken, pork chops or veggies, and these plates have the classic backyard grill grate pattern for that distinctive panini look. The floating hinge adjusts to accept any size sandwiches or meat slices, and “ready to cook” and “power on” indicators ensure perfect cooking every time.

The Cuisinart GR-1 Griddler Panini and Sandwich Press is also housed in an attractive brushed stainless steel and hard black plastic body, and looks good in any kitchen. And the preset panini temperature ensures crisp and golden-brown bread every time, without having to worry about burning or under-heating. A panini recipe book and shaped cleaning tool are included, and the drip spout even allows for healthy cooking, removing grease and fat to a collector of your choice. Cuisinart covers this good-looking panini maker with a 3 year warranty.

The Hamilton Beach 25450 Gourmet Panini Press has all the qualities you want a great panini maker to have. It offers a floating lid to accept panini masterpieces of all thicknesses, so you thin and thick panini lovers will both be happy. And you have a large 102 square inch cooking surface, more than enough room for 4 large sandwiches. Both top and bottom plates have the distinctive non-stick backyard grill grate surface that sets a real panini maker apart from pretenders, and you have “power on” and “preheat” indicator lights to let you know when it is cooking time.

I really like that the lid locks into position, keeping constant heat and pressure on your sandwich at all times. This is especially a nice feature if you have kids that are exploratory. It even locks into place in the open position for easy cleaning of the non-stick grill plates. And this space saver stores vertically, with a side clamp lock to keep it from opening, so it is basically invisible on your shelf until you need it. The Hamilton Beach 25450 Gourmet Panini Press has a gleaming, high tech, chrome exterior that wipes up easily, and Hamilton Beach offers a 2 year warranty.

If you are looking for a panini maker, you shouldn’t look outside of those top 4 panini makers. However, we didn’t include the top panini maker available today. We didn’t include it above because in didn’t really fit in the “panini maker” category. It is really an all-in-one device. If you want to read about the best panini maker, scroll down and read about the Cuisinart GR-4N 5-in-1 Griddler. Thanks for taking the time to read through our panini maker review website which contains reviews of the top 4(5) panini makers that you can buy today!

Braun Cruzer 5 Beard Trimmer Review

The Braun Cruzer 5 is a light and convenient beard trimmer that doesn’t need too much thought to whip out and go to town. braun cruzer 5It is certainly not an all-encompassing razor, but what it undertakes to do, it does well. Its ultra sharp trimming plates, coupled with its dual batteries for extra power enables a smooth glide over your beard for a precise trim, no matter how unruly the growth.

Braun Cruzer 5

At the most basic level, the Cruzer 5 has a simple set up with an easy thumb-activated power switch located in a position that is intuitively accessible. There is an LED display that shows when it’s charging , and when that’s done, the cord comes off for untethered convenience during use. All these basic functions blend together seamlessly for a hassle-free experience. The Braun also comes with a detachable beard comb. The comb can be removed during cleaning or if you need a closer cut.

Braun Cruzer 5 Features

The Braun Cruzer presents some compelling reasons and features for those of us who are meticulous about grooming, its even said to be one of the top 10 beard trimmers. For one, finding a trimmer that packs enough power  to cut through thick stubble is not easy. In most trimmers, the power is just not there and we are left with repeated passes over a few stubborn strands. However, Braun solved that issue with the Cruzer’s dual battery system. That puts the extra power in your hands to makes it seem like you’re slicing through sorbet and not stubble.

Those batteries also allow you to pick up the Braun, rather than tether it to the wall outlet, which you can, if you need to shave and charge in a hurry. Other than that, an overnight charge results in enough juice to run the Cruzer for 6 – 8 shaves, or if you just need a quick trim, ten minutes on the charger will do the job for one shave. For those who travel, there are two things that beckon the use of the Cruzer. First, its light and small, and second, you can plug it into any voltage, worldwide, and it will work fine without the need for a
Many people especially like the single beard comb that slides effortlessly through grooves. The comb slides across six stops which allow you to trim hair to lengths between 1 mm and 11mm with five graduations in between. Wait, what’s an mm? you ask. Well, a millimeter is about the length of a two-day shadow. If you want to trim it shorter than that, Braun even designed it so that you can safely remove the beard comb and slide the stainless steel base smoothly over your skin to get a stylish 5 o’clock shadow. What’s nice is that each length you desire is neatly marked for easy selection.

You can also leave the beard comb off when you want to contour the edges. The oscillating blades are designed in such away that when they come in contact with your skin, you can feel them vibrating, yet they don’t nick the skin. Nicely done.

Cleaning the Braun Cruzer 5 

Once you’re done with the trimmer, a swipe of the thumb turns it off. You will appreciate that the Cruzer 5 is not a high-maintenance item that you need to fuss over a lot. You can run it in flowing water and not worry about the electrical mechanism inside. The stainless steel blades clean effortlessly, and in mere moments it’s ready for its next use.  Braun takes this whole water thing seriously. Not only does the water-tight design allow you to wash the blades, you can even go about your trim when your face or beard is wet, or if your hands are wet for that matter. Speaking of wet hands, the material that shrouds the trimmer is not only comfortable to the touch, it also grips well when your hands are wet, so the Cruzer becomes an instrument of precision even in slippery hands.

Minor Imperfections in Braun Cruzer 5

In all its superiority the Cruzer 5 is not perfect. There are a few design features I find lacking. For instance, the beard comb only stops at odd numbered lengths and not in between. I would have preferred that it slide smoothly so I could get to any number of lengths and be the master of my own beard length. I can’t do that here. Inconvenient? Sure. But not a deal breaker.

The beard comb is light and feels a little too ‘plasticky’ and I would have preferred it to be a little more robust. Again, it’s a taste preference and not a show stopper. But as far as being a workhorse and getting the stubble tamed on a daily routine, the Cruzer works great, and that’s all we really need.

At the end of the day, the fact that it’s a Braun makes a huge difference. Braun’s customer satisfaction guarantee is legendary, and just way ahead of many others out there. If and when you need to fall back on it because something is just not working for you, Braun will stand by their promise of satisfaction. No matter what the advertisements say or what the reviews claim, that’s the bottom line, I think.

The only problem that I foresee presenting a significant hurdle is the possibility that replacement parts are hard to come by, and if found, are usually expensive. I am the kind of person that usually doesn’t bother with replacements. The product is inexpensive enough that I can just pick up a new one if anything major goes wrong. But I guess, that would be the major sticking point for most other people.

Getting the Cruzer

There are a number of places you could get the Braun Cruzer 5. Amazon is a pretty good bet. The local Walmart definitely carries them and so will a number of places online. Prices vary from one retailer to the next but from what I’ve seen it’s usually a better bargain when you get them online.

Top 5 Best Hair Clippers For Beginners

Hair-cutting is an art that improves with every task you complete, whether you’re cutting your own hair or someone else’s. If you are a beginner, you want to take your time and learn as much as you can before you plunge in and I must say that the best way to learn is actually by doing it.

You see, the problem is most people will not want you to rehearse with their hairs – once one gets a bad cut, one lives with it for at least one week or cuts off all the hairs completely. You can start with friends or siblings who can trust you enough to allow you try.

You can read a few guides before you start and exercise utmost caution on your first cut. Your first cut will not come out like a professional’s, bear that in mind, and it will take you much more time than it will take a professional. Use a guide-comb (attachment) and you won’t go wrong.

Another good thing to bear in mind is that the professionals also started like you.

I actually learnt to cut hairs by simply observing others do it. I watched them a lot and questioned their every move – “Why turn the clipper this way or that? Why adjust the blades? Why place the clipper flat on the head? Etc.

Despite that, my first cut was not near good at all, but I kept practicing and then I got better over time.

However, clippers that are not sharp enough and have weak motors can be really frustrating even for professionals, not to talk of beginners. You therefore need the best of clippers and clippers that are very easy to operate in order to embark on this journey.

Best hair clippers for beginners


Wahl 79300-400 Color Pro 20 Piece Complete Haircutting Kit

This is an awesome kit that comes with everything you need to achieve a haircut from home. This one has a beginner in mind and that’s why the adjustments come with different colors, each color for a particular hair length. These color-coded adjustments will help you start off well.

It also comes with color-coded keys that help you easily align the clipper setting with any color comb chosen. This is definitely beginner-friendly, so you don’t have to worry about which adjustments to use or which settings.

The clipper in the kit is designed to fit perfectly into the hand and the whole kit helps you achieve full body grooming.

The kit contains MC clipper, blade guard, 11 colored guide combs, barber comb, styling comb, scissors, cleaning brush, blade oil, English/Spanish instructions/styling guide and a 6 inch handled storage case. What else could anyone ask for?

With all of these at your disposal, you can play with the settings and adjustments until you find the one that works for you. Practice with it often, you will see your confidence grow with each haircut you complete. You can also refer to the instruction which contains links to training videos on the Wahl website.

$18 is definitely an unbelievably low price to stake on this collection.

Note that the Wahl 79300-400 can be noisy which may not be too good for cutting the hair of a child and it’s heavy vibration is not too beginner-friendly.

It can also be very heavy to handle, especially for a female.



The Wahl 79524-3001 Home Barber 30 Piece Kit

I recommend this Wahl because it equally comes with everything you need to begin barbing right away. From a clipper to trimmers; to mirror, to cleaning brushes, combs, and much more. The clipper has a strong motor and self-sharpening blades which stay sharp for long. The trimmers can be used to conveniently cut the hairs in your nostrils and ears.

It comes with attachment sets that you’ll need to achieve your first cut. The clipper is easy to use and has a 5 year limited warranty while the trimmers come with a 2 year limited warranty.

As a beginner, you need a clipper that has sharp blades and quality motor. Not only these, you’ll actually need a kit that comes with all the tools that a regular professional uses and this product has them all – all for the price of $40 on Amazon.

This clipper may have an ugly sound and will not be too convenient to cut the back of the head.


TRYM II – The Rechargeable Modern Hair Clipper Kit – Ultra-sleek Hair, Body, Mustache, and Beard Trimmer

In case you’re looking for something that delivers more convenience and still does the job of clipping and trimming absolutely well, then you should consider the Trim II. Trim II has an amazingly beautiful design, but it doesn’t end there, it possesses the motor power of professional clippers and excellent cutting blades.

It is cordless and can be used in the bathroom. Its battery is strong and lasts long. It also comes with attachments for trimming and with a one year warranty.

This is one of those modern designs you’re proud to display conspicuously in your bathroom. It has a luxurious charging base.

In order not to be carried away by the look and design of this thing, what you’re looking for is a clipper/trimmer with excellent cutting blades and powerful motor. This product has got these and even more features to show off.

It is inexpensive (around $30 on Amazon) and contains some of the tools you’ll need to start off as a beginner. The important thing is that it gives you the convenience of easily moving around the clipper without the stress of the cord.

The Trim II may however not be a strong enough product for long and slippery hairs. It could pull the hair and make you really feel uncomfortable. It’s been reported, just like any other fancy product, to have some electrical problems like failing to charge, etc.





I recommend this Philips because it makes the art of hair-cutting feel real easy. With a head that rotates 180 degrees and extra attachments, it is easy to cut your hair or another’s to any length and above all, cutting the back of the head and around the ears is easily achieved.

The blades can be washed with water and are self-sharpening so you do not have to worry about that. It is cordless and has a Lithium-ion battery that allows it run for 60 minutes after a 1-hour charge.

I reckon that this clipper will make learning an easy task because it is handy and has a head that rotates and can be adjusted to achieve any hair length without necessarily having to change the attachment.

My only worry about this clipper is, you know what they say about learning with something simple, you may not be able to effectively use the more complex ones even after you feel comfortable with this one. Imagine if you can use this one with a rotating head absolutely well and you go somewhere they have the regular clipper and they ask you to show them your new found cutting skills.

In any case, since it’s just a rotating head, you could still afford not to use that feature until you are comfortable cutting hairs, then you can make the process easier by using the rotating feature.

Note however, that the combs may not be too strong and may break if not properly handled. And because the parts are not too strong, it may not be the best choice for cutting long hairs.


The Wahl 79600-2101 Lithium Ion Cordless Clipper

You may also want to consider a cordless Wahl for convenience. This kit comes with a clipper and a trimmer; it equally comes with a step by step easy to follow full color instructions. Its blades are self-sharpening and stay sharp for long. It comes with a small bottle of oil to maintain the blades and help the clipper run better.

Because it has a 50% more power than a regular Wahl electromagnetic motor clipper, it cuts through long and thick hairs easily.

The Wahl 79600-2101 lithium ion cordless clipper kit contains multi-cut clipper, blade guard, detail trimmer, blade guard, soft storage case, 2 hair clips, barber comb, styling comb, cleaning brush, blade oil, scissors, barber cape, 14 guide combs, left ear taper, right ear taper, eyebrow guide, ear trim guide, full color English and Spanish instructions.

That’s really about all you need to set up your barbing unit at home. These items will help you a lot on your journey to becoming a pro. Don’t neglect the instructions, but don’t spend too much time with it, practice more with every opportunity you get.

It is cordless and can be moved around easily for easy learning. It will also work fine for shaving.

Note however, that the battery of this thing is not that solid and may pack up on you if you’re not that lucky. The blades also can be a torn in the flesh if they’re not properly set.

Final Words

Because you’re just starting out, I wouldn’t advice that you grab an expensive clipper yet. Get a cheap one that does the job, practice with it to learn how to cut hairs and also learn how the clipper works. Once you’re knowledgeable about your clipper and have confidence in your cutting skills, then you may upgrade to more technical clippers, if you must.

If I were to make a pick from the list, I’ll choose the Wahl 79300-400 Color Pro 20 Piece Complete Haircutting Kit. With more than 3,700 positive reviews on Amazon, this kit couldn’t be wrong. Besides, the items are just all a beginner needs to start and they’re designed for easy use by a starter.

Alright then, I hope you learn fast. Don’t forget, you get better by doing it. Enjoy!

How To Get The Best Speakers

Speakers in 2017 are varied in quality, design and performance. When going over the latest speaker releases we realised something amazing. The speakers that performed the best were ones that were the cheapest. This may be confusing to many readers, as usually the best performing products are ones that are the priciest.

We reviewed several common bluetooth speakers such as the Cambridge Soundworks Oontz Angle 3 and the DOSS Touch. When going over both of these speakers which are defined as cheaper speakers, we found that the audio output quality was great and gave us great value for money.

We even looked at other websites such as TheTechInsiders speaker reviews and found that on that website the performance of such speakers was fantastic.

Looking at Razer who provides pricier and supposedly better performing speakers, we saw that their bluetooth speakers did not actually give us good value for money or provide good audio quality. They are priced at nearly double of other speakers we found, however only performed at half the audio quality.

Now for our more specific review of the Cambridge Soundworks Oontz Angle 3, this speaker is really something crazy. oontz angle 3It’s size and portability are 10/10 and allow the customer and user to transport the speaker from one location to another relatively easily. It’s portability is great due to the lightweight build of the speaker and although we believe that the inside components are good, the weight is not affected at all. It’s audio output is great, it has a large range of up to 15 metres, which for a little speaker is not ordinary. It provides good quality audio similar to the Dre Beats and music can be heard crystal clear.

Overall we think that if your looking to get the cheapest or best speaker around, then the Oontz will do the job for you. If you’re going to invest a bit more money then go for Bose, but steer clear of Razer as honestly we don’t think they are that great.

Acer Predator 17 Gaming Laptop Review

Acer provides a brilliant gaming laptop range under the title of Predator. These laptops come with a variety of features that one can’t miss. Their prices vary according to their performance and features, so if you want a monster gaming Acer laptop for extended hardcore gaming sessions, then you might have to pay a substantial price. However, no matter how high the price is, the overall design, features, usability, and uniqueness of each laptop justifies it pretty well. Although the predators a great laptop seriously consider checking out the asus k501ux review if you want a all around laptop.


Aesthetics plays a huge role in exhibiting the perfection of a laptop, but we can’t just judge a device’s performance by its appearance alone. Nevertheless, appearance does tell a lot about a product and its capability. The Acer Predator 17 surpasses user expectations in the design department, but if you don’t like much accentuation, color, and detailing on a laptop, then it might feel repelling to you.

This extravagant laptop has a dramatic Predator logo and imprints on its lid along with two red lines. Its backside is lined with red fan vents, whereas the front contains red speaker grilles. Due to this unique design, this laptop is 40mm thick and weighs about 4kg, making it less portable. Usually, gaming laptops weigh around 2.5kg, so this is pretty heavier as compared to many compact and transportable laptops.

The keyboard is backlit. It has a full-fledged keyboard with the addition of five macro buttons, and every key possesses a red-colored backlight. It also has a triangular power button, which is pretty distinctive and dramatic, and it also illuminates every key. For differentiating the number pad from the rest of the keys, Acer installed blue backlight on it.

The trackpad works excellently too. It’s clearly defined, and both of its buttons are smooth. The Acer Predator 17 also provides every essential port for ease of connectivity. It includes four USB 3.0 ports, one USB-C Thunderbolt port, a power port, a DisplayPort, a headphone jack and mic jack, an optical drive slot (can be transformed into an additional fan slot), a Gigabit Ethernet, an SD card reader, and a security lock.


The Acer Predator 17 is what a gamer needs. It delivers excellent gaming performance. From graphics to audio, nothing is disappointing about its performance. It provides a crisp and vibrant display that exhibits each and every detail of the image or video clearly. It also offers incredible processing speed along with a great storage space. Usually, gaming laptops get hot after an extended gaming session, but this is not the case with this one as this laptop’s DVD drive can easily be swapped with an additional fan. Moreover, it has one of the best gaming features ever along with an impressive keyboard and trackpad. Surprisingly, the battery life is pretty good too – a feature that is hard to find in a gaming laptop.


  • High-quality sound and display.
  • Remarkably good battery life.
  • A variety of excellent gaming features.
  • Excellent keyboard features with perfect backlight.
  • An additional fan can be installed, providing enough cooling.
  • Eye-catching design and sturdy construction.


  • Bulky chassis, making it less portable.