Anthony Logistics Deep Pore Cleansing Clay Face Mask Review

Adding to face scrubs and vitalizing lotions, many men need facial masks for a look that’s perfect and refreshed. These products are necessary for men who want to look fresh and decent in professional and social settings, but only a few of such products are ideal. The Anthony Logistics Deep Pore Cleansing Clay for men is a product that stands out as one of the more ideal and effective options out of all the facial masks. Its ingredients and their quality ensure quick to use and satisfying results, all of which will be covered in this review.

Anthony Deep Pore Cleansing Clay, 3 oz.
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Price: $24.00
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The bottle that the clay comes in is a simple, slim, milky-white and black bottle that, even though looks a little cliché with the colors, creates a great look with the thin bottle and the brilliant Anthony Logistics logo on it, adding a hint of red. The product comes in a standard 90ml or 3-ounce bottle.


Featuring mainly natural and standard ingredients in the blend (to be discussed later), the Anthony Logistics cleansing clay ensures quality and natural components that promise results and provide enough nutrition to the skin.


Anthony Logistics Deep Pore Cleansing Clay Face MaskComing to the features, the clay introduces a perfect blend of kaolin and bentonite clays that are best for absorbing impurities and degreasing the skin. Adding to that, the apricot kernel oil featured in the blend softens the skin, while calendula and vitamins A, C and E are also added into the mix to provide the care that the skin needs.


After applying the product on the slightly damp skin, the clay ensures results in only 5 to 10 minutes that include degreasing, softening, soothing, nourishing and protecting the skin for ideal texture, feel and look. The product promises skin that is not oily and is clean and its performance is reputable.

  • Contains natural components that ensure results and don’t irritate the skin.
  • The addition of vitamins A, C and E make for very nutritional benefits, refreshing and revitalizing the skin.
  • The product ensures no oily skin.

  • Gives a burning feeling on the skin if applied on for more than 5 minutes.

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